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Milagrow Aguabot 5.0 Water - 1st Full Wet Mopping & Dry Cleaning Floor Robot
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Product Description
Full Wet Mopping and Dry Cleaning Floor Vacuuming Robot with a Water Tank  and World's  Large Smart Mop,  Most Powerful 45W Suction, Dual Suction Power Control, 3500 Sq Ft Cleaning Area on a single charge,  Wheel Movement Sensor Control, Extra thick - Anti Slippage - Doorsill Crossing Wheels , Cool Water Washable HEPA Filter, Consumer  Replaceable Battery.
  • India's 1st  Full Wet Mopping and Dry Cleaning Floor Vacuuming Robot
  • Comes with a Water Tank & World's Largest Smart Mop Attachment in a Robot
  • Most Powerful, 45 W Suction & Dual Suction Power Control on Remote
  • Cleans upto 3500 Sq Ft in about 120 minutes on a Single Charge.
  • Without Center Brush, Tangleless Cleaning for Especially For Carpets
  • Extra Thick - Anti Slippage Tyres to Clean Wet Floors and Cross Doorsills upto 22mm
  • Universal Front Wheel comes with Concealed Sensors to Detect Wheel Movement and Increase Manoeuvrability
  • Consumer Replaceable Battery
  • 0.50 L Dust Bin Capacity
  • Robotic 6th Sense with 5th Generation Software
  • Robotic Scheduling
  • Robotic Charging
  • Robotic Obstacle Detection
  • Robotic Fall Detection
  • Robotic Disentanglement
  • 3 Cleaning Modes
  • All Surface Cleaning
  • Pet Hair Cleaning 
  • Dual Side Brushes
  • 2200 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery Rechargeable upto 1000 cycles
  • 10 Accessories
  • 2 Year Warranty Overall, 6 months for Battery
  • Aguabot 5.0 is India's 1st Robotic Floor Vacuum Cleaner which comes with an advanced mopping system that has an integrated water reservoir and smart mop attachment. The water tank wets the front portion of the smart mop while keeping the back portion completely dry. The front portion of the smart mop wets the floor to remove stubborn dirt and debris while the back portion dries the floor to a spotless clean. The water tank is easy to use back inlet for water & comes with 2 mops in the box.
  • The AguaBot 5.0 has 5th Gen software & possesses an AI algorithm for dual suction control. When the robot finds extra dirt the suction automatically changes to Turbo mode raising the suction power to 45W. Under Normal mode the suction is 25W. This control is also available on the remote in-case someone wants to clean a specific area with higher suction. Under Normal mode the robot saves battery. The powerful suction eliminates the need of the main brush making it ideal for cleaning carpets.
  • The Milagrow AguaBot 5.0 comes with 2200 mAh lithium polymer battery which can last upto 120 mins & covers an area of 3500 sq ft on a single charge. This is the largest area which any robotic vacuum cleaner can currently cover. The robot weighs just 2.5 kg and because of the 5th Gen software it has a speed of 0.28m/sec making it the lightest and the fastest robot in the Milagrow floor cleaning robovacs.
  • AguaBot is fitted with cool water washable, HEPA filter. It is the same technology which is used by U.S atomic energy deptt for air filtration. Under domestic use, HEPA is very important for patients with respiratory diseases or for people for whom the purest form of air is a must. The HEPA filter traps bacteria viruses etc & removes 99.97% of all particulate matter greater than 0.03 micron from air providing the most hygienic environment. 0.03 micron is 100 times smaller than the human hair.
  • The AguaBot 5.0 comes with extra wide anti-slippage tyres for full wet cleaning. These battle tank like tyres come with latest automobile suspension technology which help the robot climb doorsills as well as thick pile carpets. Whats more is that the front universal wheel of the robot has a concealed sensor which senses robots movement & provides unparalleled manoeuvrability on crowded floors. Other features are auto charging, auto scheduling, self diagnosis, obstacle & fall detection etc.
1st Full Wet Mopping & Drying RoboVac- Comes with an advanced mopping system that has an integrated water reservoir which automatically dampens the "Smart Mop" to remove stubborn dirt and debris as well as dry the floor to a spotless clean.; Most Powerful Suction Eliminates Need of Center Brush- It is the most powerful floor cleaning robot & has special turbo suction fan which can achieve a suction power upto 45W. It eliminates the need of the main brush & yet sucks up tough dirt. Select Normal or Turbo mode of suction through the Remote control based on the need. The normal mode saves battery while the turbo mode provides higher suction power.; Maximum Coverage & Battery Backup- Can cover a maximum area of 3500 sqft on a fully charged battery, in a single go. The 2200 mAh Battery lasts for around 120 mins.; Hygenic Cool Water Washable HEPA Filter- Is fitted with cool water washable, High-Efficiency Particulate Air HEPA Filter. Originally developed by the US Atomic Energy Commission to capture radioactive dust pollen.; Smart Wheel With Concealed Sensor- The Front Universal Wheel is a smart wheel which has sensors concealed below to detect the movement of the Robot. If the Robot stops or is finding it difficult to move then this sensor automatically ensures that it intelligently maneuvers itself.; Anti Slippage Robotic Disentangling- Has thick anti-slippage tyres for full wet cleaning.; Extra Dirt Sensors Robotic Suction Power Control- Has extra dirt detection sensors. Its intensity and suction power automatically increases when more dirt is detected.; Pet Hair Cleaning- Easily sucks up the pet hair and helps you to keep your home safe, especially for toddlers.; AI Cleaning Modes- Has 3 cleaning modes- Spot Spiral clean, Zig Zag clean & Wall-to-Wall. Other features include Robotic Obstacle &Fall Detection, All Surface Cleaning, Self Charging, auto Scheduling, Self Diagnosis.; Comes with a 2 year warranty.

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